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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:  Please be vigilant for your neighbor.

Posted: Nov. 29, 2012

The LBV Office has received a report from a resident about a older red truck following the Fed Ex deliveries in the Community.  Once a delivery is made, the driver comes to the door and rings the bell to see if anyone is around.  The driver leaves if he hears movement in the house.  This driver may be taking delivered packages if no one is at home.
We also received the following report from another resident last week: I just thought it'd be wise to send out a reminder that this is the time of year for break-ins.  Around Thanksgiving (when people are traveling) and Black Friday (when people are shopping). People troll around our neighborhood looking into open garages on that weekend--looking for big ticket items coming out of trunks.  They also pretend to sell magazines and then try to come in your house (out of the cold) and stake out your house.  We all need to be vigilant!
Please report any suspicious activity to the KC Sheriff's Dept at 632-6100


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